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3 Ways to Tell if There’s Mold in Your Home If there’s too much moisture in areas of your home, you might experience the development of mold. Coughing, eye irritation, and even skin irritation are just some of the things you can expect if you have mold in your home. That’s why you should have mold inspection done if you suspect that there’s mold in your home. But what are the signs of mold exactly? You can pinpoint the existence of mold in your home by checking to see if there are any signs that give away their presence. Find out the tell tale signs of mold by reading through this list. 1. Stains on Walls and Ceilings – Stains on your walls and ceilings are one of the main markers of the presence of mold. This is because for mold to develop, the environment has to be moist just as it would be in vents and ceilings with leaks. Walls that are discolored also indicate leaking pipes and gutters that allow mold to thrive. In any case, water stained ceilings and walls are prone to developing mold. If the stains get out of hand, have a professional come over to inspect the area. 2. Difficulty Breathing Indoors – Having a bit of a hard time breathing freely when you’re in your house? Mold is known to make it difficult to breathe because of the humid environment that it thrives in. Plus, mold is known to trigger allergic reactions like skin and eye irritations, sneezing, and coughing. If you notice that your family always has these symptoms even when the weather conditions are normal, there may be mold developing in your home. Be sure to talk to a professional so you can have mold inspection done in your home to resolve the matter and make your indoor environment comfortable again.
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3. Strange Odors – Mold will always cause a strange smell to flow throughout your space. While not every smell you detect would be an indicator of mold, a musty thick smell that makes it hard to breathe is likely caused by the mold problem. Try to localize the smell by figuring out where it’s originating from in your home. If you localize the smell and you inspect the room to find stains all over the walls and ceilings, it’s most probably because of the development of mold. Be sure to contact someone to have a mold inspection done so you can resolve the matter.
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If you detect mold, be sure to call in a pro to help you with the problem so your family can stay happy and healthy.