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Problems Caused by Tree Roots and How to Get Rid of Them

The last couple of years, home owners from all over the globe has been experiencing sewer drains in their homes. Having blocked drains can be annoying for any home owner. Overflow from the drainage can occur, leading to damage of property and not forgetting the awful smell coming from the drain.

Blockage of the drainage system can be brought about by, presence of foreign objects, hair and grease in the drains. Tree roots is also another cause of blocked drain since they are attracted to moisture. Cracking of the drainage pipes can be brought about, by tree roots in the pipes. The flow of water can be blocked completely, once the tree roots find their way to the footer of the drainage system, since they will continue growing.

Its possible for tree roots to damage the main sewer. When tree roots are able to locate where the main sewer is, they can cause clogging problems. Inside the pipe there is conducive environment, which sustains the tree roots. When the main sewer has a problem, the minor sewer will also be affected.

Unlike before, where one had to excavate in-order to get rid of tree roots, due to advancement in technology, one doesn’t have to do that. Sewer drain snake is a result of advancement in technology and it continues to upgrade overtime.

One of the ways to get rid of tree roots in our drainage pipes is through a drain cleaning company. However not all roots maybe killed during the first service of the drain cleaning company. Having the company do a maintenance every year, it’s recommendable especially for home owners who have experienced this problem before to avoid future blockage.

A large tree root can cause the drainage to crack or get broken. This led to excavation in-order to replace or repair the damage pipe. Drainage causing flooding might be more expensive than if you excavated.

Chemicals which are environmental friendly, are sometimes used by the drain clean companies to get rid of tree roots. It is advisable to work with a plumber who is licensed and has all the protective equipment required. The advantage with this method you don’t need to have the tree roots cut regularly. The plumber cuts down the tree roots and the pipe gets scratched, hence the roots run down.

To ensure you have a healthy home, it is advisable for any home owner to drain clean their lines and also ensure flow of water regularly.Regularly drain cleaning the lines and ensuring good flow of water, led to having a conducive environment in your home.

Professionals checking your bathtubs, sinks and showers from time to time is advisable. With this problems such as flooding, clogging and bacteria breeding can be eliminated. In-case you notice anything is not working well in your home drainage system don’t hesitate to call a plumber.